Board Of Director


A joint stock company affiliated to the holding company for tourism ,hotels and cinema and its capital is totally owned by the holding company which is affiliated to the ministry of investment Information about the company board of directors and C.V. of each member:-

Mr. Mahmoud Sameh Saad

Chairman and Managing director

Mr. Sayed Ewase

A part-time member Engineer

Miss. Mona Hassan

A part-time member Engineer

Mr. Aly Fergany Dardery

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Mansour Aly Korany

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Adel Farag

President of the union committee

The company Programs and Plans to train employees and care them and their families Due to the company attention to the human capital and its importance in pushing and development of the company. The company raised the training budget in order to train the biggest number of employees in the following fields

1- development of the leadership skills and foundations of the modern management

2- development of the functional specialization skills such as (marketing , engineering , finance , administration, planning and law)

3-Training some employees according to the provisions of the governing laws such as ( civil defense , fire, industrial security ,vocational guidance ,prevention of the infectious diseases and the social responsibilities of the company)

4- The company attention to participate in the seminars and external conferences especially in the field of the company activity and other activities such as Electronic Marketing and engineering

5- the company contribution with 75% percentage of the expenditures of the open Education which is considered one of the methods of the the regular scientific training and providing it to the employees to the level of post-graduate studies .

6-In the field of health care :signing contracts with the Highly-vocational hospitals to treat the employees and the company bears the bigger share in the treatment costs in addition to their participation in the state health insurance

7- Organization of the leisure trips for the employees in order to support the social dimension and the friendship element between them and their families

- the company business in the field of community service such as health care units , sporting clubs and training centers

1- Encouraging sports by holding competitions through formation of a team of the employees and there are also competitions at the level of the governorate.

2- The sports committee purchased resort apartments for the employees in Marsa matrouh ,Alexandria ,ras elbar with a symbolic participation value for them and their families

3- Creating a healthy and danger-free environment for the safety of the employees during the work period

4- Providing transport means for the employees from the nearest location to their residence to the company and vice versa .

5-Providing loans to the employees should they need and there is also an assistance foundation to purchase machines and providing them to the employees in installments and interest-free .

6- Establishment of insurance policies and funds for the employees and developing them continuously

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