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Misr Company for Sound and Light is marked by holding The Sound and Light shows at various archeological sites (Sphinx, Luxor, Philae, Abo Simbel, Sphinx, Edfu ). The organization of Sound and Light at the Sphinx area dates back to the year 1960, which was opened in the era of the late Leader Gamal Abd El-Naser.

The Sound and Light project inauguration at The Karnak temple dates back to 1972. It is one of the biggest paranoiac temples at Thebes city, which was founded for worshipping the God Amon.

In addition, the inauguration of the Sound and Light project at Philae Island dates back to 1985. They are the temples that were set up in the Batalema era during the latest Pharaonic dynasty.

The inauguration of the Sound and Light project of Abu Simbel temple dates back to the year 2000, where king Ramsses II Narrates his glorious victories, the story of building his temple, and of his wife Nefertiti.

The inauguration of the Sound and Light project at Edfu temple dates back to the year 2010. The spectacular show narrates the historical story of the temple, the legend of Horus (God of Edfu), and his annual journey with Heather (goddess of Dandara). Also, it tells us the struggle of Horus and his mother Isis against evil.

Misr Company for Sound And Light has become one of the most important international companies, called for assistance in the field of lighting the ancient monuments and touristic milestones.

Misr Company for Sound and Light in Egypt is the leading company in the monuments field. The aim of Misr Company for Sound and Light illuminates the milestones of Egypt, presenting its charm throughout the ages.

The Company Programs and Plans to train employees and care for them and their families. The Company pays much attention to human capital and knows its importance in pushing and developing the company. We have raised the training budget in order to train the biggest number of employees in the following fields:

1- Development of the leadership skills and foundations of modern management

2- Development of the functional specialization skills such as (marketing, engineering, finance, administration, planning, and law)

3-Training some employees according to the provisions of the governing laws such as ( civil defense, fire, industrial security, vocational guidance, prevention of infectious diseases, and the social responsibilities of the company)

4- The company's attention to participate in the seminars and external conferences especially in the field of the company activity and other activities such as Electronic Marketing and engineering

5- The company contributes with 75% percentage of the expenditure of the open education which is considered one of the methods of the regular scientific training and providing it to the employees to the level of post-graduate studies.

6-In the field of health care: signing contracts with the highly-vocational hospitals to treat the employees and the company bears the bigger share in the treatment costs in addition to their participation in the state health insurance

7- Organization of leisure trips for the employees in order to support the social dimension and the friendship element between them and their families

The company business in the field of community services such as health care units, sporting clubs, and training centers

1- Encouraging sports by holding competitions through the formation of a team of the employees and there are also competitions at the level of the governorate.

2- The sports committee purchased resort apartments for the employees in Marsa MatruhMatruh, Alexandria, Ras El=bar with a symbolic participation value for them and their families

3- Creating a healthy and danger-free environment for the safety of the employees during the work period

4- Providing transport means for the employees from the nearest location to their residence to the company and vice versa.

5-Providing loans to the employees should they need them. There is also an assisting foundation to purchase machines and prove them to the employees in installments and interest-free.

6- Establishment of insurance policies and funds for the employees and developing them continuously


Kindly let me welcome you to Misr Company for Sound and Light which is dedicated to displaying a portrait of art for the Egyptian antiquities and milestones at night, by using the light means and supporting sound whether the comments or music.

Throughout the previous fifty years, which is the Company's life span, The Sound and Light show is daily held over the border of the biggest pyramid and in front of the Great sphinx, as well as at The Karnak, Philae, and Abu Simbel temples and over 800 thousand tourists attend it annually and, new sites are currently being established in Edfu and Hurghada besides the said shows, the Company works towards lighting Egypt's milestones, such as the western land in Luxor, Salah EL-Den Castel, El Moez Street, Aswan's hug bridge, El-Mamoura area at Alexandria and many other districts around Egypt, making it with international experience of lighting projects.

We, in completion of our achieved success, are keen to utilize the international up-to-date tools, means, and equipment, representing the night as an illuminating portrait for making the EgyptiansEgyptians and tourists enjoy in Egypt.

Now, I invite you to complete your visit to the Company's website on the internet.

Yours truly

Dr. Noura Atef Mohamed Ebid

Sound and light show company owned by HOTAC ( the holding Company for tourism, hotels, and cinema) and its capital is totally owned by the holding company which is part of the ministry of Public works

The Company's board of directors. 2019-2021

Eng. Waad Allah Mohamed Abu El Eila
Chairman and Managing director

Mr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz Elsayed

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ahmos Mohamed Rabea

Part-time board member

Dr. Nihal Hassan Ali

Part-time board member

Eng. Mohamed El-Barbary

Board member

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