Curse of Tutankhamun; Truth or rumors supported by coincidences?!

From the first step through the tomb gate to the present day, the tomb of the Golden King Tutankhamun remains a source of mystery and secrets.
Since this famous discovery occurred around 100 years ago, rumors began and talk spread about the curse of King Tut, which haunts everyone who participated in the discovery of his tomb and leads them to doom.

Is there a curse?
is it just strange coincidences that led to the spread of what could be considered mere rumors?

Talk of the curse began shortly after the great discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb, the most famous king in Egyptian history. Not for an achievement, but for the great fame that he conducted in the twenties of the last century when Howard Carter succeeded in finding his complete tomb untouched more than 3000 years ago.
The man who financed the expedition, Lord Carnarvon, was found dead suddenly. After searching for the cause, it was found that the death occurred as a result of blood poisoning due to a mosquito bite on the face.
That incident was only six months after the opening of King Tut's tomb. Therefore, this sudden death is considered the beginning of the curse that haunts all those who participated and with it, began the speculation and mystery that continues until now.

In the few years that followed the greatest archaeological discovery of King Tut's tomb, and after the Lord Carnarvon incident, accidents began to affect everyone who participated in this event, as more than 16 deaths were attributed to King Tut's curse. The most famous of which is the suicide of archaeologist Hugh White, who left a message saying, "I've given up because of the curse."

Among the most famous incidents associated with the curse of King Tut is what happened in 1939, when the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) held an exceptional celebration, in coordination with the Egyptian authorities, to play the war trumpets of Tutankhamun.
Indeed, the celebration was prepared, and the English instrumentalist "James Tabern," a member of the Royal English Orchestra, succeeded in recording the sound, as the playing lasted approximately 5 minutes. It was recorded and broadcast on the radio all over the world.
A few months later, the start of World War II began.

Over the years, the discovery of the Golden King Tutankhamun's tomb has attracted all those seeking excitement, and mystery, and a rich source for stories and tales, even those that seem hard to believe.

Despite all the mysterious events that accompanied the discovery, it was quite the opposite of what happened with Howard Carter, who lived a calm and stable life and died at 64, leaving behind a long, natural life.
At the mention of the quiet lives, the life of Lady Evelyn Carnarvon, the daughter of the lord financier, was no less calm than the life of "Howard Carter" despite her presence during the discovery of the tomb and being from the first to cross its gate. She also lived a long life, and her death was natural.

Despite the mystery accompanying this great discovery, some events strongly refute those allegations that spoke of a curse that began with the tomb's opening that haunts everyone who disturbed the king.

In the end, the mysteries that always accompanied ancient Egyptian civilization do not seem to end, especially those related to the golden king Tutankhamun; the king was immortalized by his death, as his tomb was the first to be discovered with treasure.
It was so impressive that Howard Carter, expressing his first look inside the cemetery, said:

“After my eyes gradually began to adjust to the light, details of the room slowly began to emerge from behind the mist. I saw strange animals and statues, I saw sparkles of gold everywhere, and at this moment when those who were with me felt it was infinite. I could not speak to the intensity of my astonishment.
And when Lord Carnarvon could not bear the suspense, he asked me: "Can you see something?"
I answered, "Yes, amazing things."
-Howard Carter.

Undoubtedly, the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb is the most famous and influential in Egyptian history, as its echoes are still resounding in the world now. When Tutankhamun is mentioned at any time or place, you will see all the eyes gleaming with the glow of his golden mask and his incredible treasures.

As for whether or not the curse exists, we will leave it to you to judge.
So, do you believe in the existence of Tutankhamun's curse?