Edfu Temple

The Edfu Sound and light show start when the audience enters from the marine side. The show is composed of three phases. The first phase narrates an introduction to the temple’s history, while the second contains high-quality light and sound effects, bestowing a sense of awe. As the audience walks among the columns and hymens, that reechoes the ancient Egyptian creed. The last phase is dedicated to the folkloric rituals and celebrations, dazzling the audience. This show employs state of art technologies such as 4 video high definition projectors and 3 movable video projectors. They are used for the first time in sound and light projects, with 258 illumination units of dual radiation systems.

Edfu show Introduction

Almost 778 kilometers from Cairo, Edfu temple is located in the city of Edfu, characterized by its massive construction and magnitude. It was built to worship Horus of Bahdet, represented by a falcon, and headed by the winged sun. The name Bahdet is derived from the ancient name of the City of Edfu, which used to be called Behedet. It took around 100 years to finish its construction and it was discovered by the great archeologist Merit in 1860, dug out of dust. This magnificent monument was discovered lately and the lines of tourists and visitors have been piling since then.


Edfu Temple is considered the only temple to maintain its good condition. It starts with an edifice, an open courtyard, and another courtyard, decorated with two statues of the Idol Horus at its gate. It also houses a hall of two compartments; a library and a storeroom for religious rituals with vessels and tools. There, you will find two corridors; one for the provision of sacrifices and the other a resting place for the idol, and lastly the sanctum sanctorum.

The engravings on the walls tell legendary stories and myths such as the conflict between Horus and Set, the triumph of good over evil. About the trinity of Edfu, the gorgeous paintings symbolize the journey of Horus to meet his wife Hathor, Lady of Dandarah once a year.


Edfu Temple's legend narrates the conflict between "Horus" and "Set" and how "Horus of Bahdet," represented as the winged sun, overcame "Set" and his aides. It also explains Isis’ role in Osiris legend. The legend states how a group of men helped Horus and how the Priests celebrated his victories. You will know the story of Hathor, Dandara’s goddess who married Horus. After that, he took "Horus Samattaway" and unified the two countries to configure the Edfu Trinity “Horus of Bahdet” to Hathor and Horus Samattaway.