Edfu Temple Guide

When we mention the ancient Egyptian Kingdom, we can’t surpass the prominent Edfu Temple. Considered one of the perfect examples of an ancient temple, you will experience the magic as you step inside and roam its imposing halls. It is also standing evidence of the brilliant architecture and masterwork of our ancestors. Before you decide to visit this memorable place, check our Edfu Temple guide to find out more, shall we?!

Edfu City

Situated on the Nile’s west bank, Edfu Temple is one of the best-preserved temples in the ancient city of Edfu. Lying between Luxor and Aswan, Edfu City was a symbol of power and influence during the ancient Egyptian civilization. Also, it was an important city during the Greco-Roman era, known as “Apollonoplis Magna,” dedicated to their god Apollo.

Built between 237 and 57 B.C, the Ptolemaic temple of Edfu is dedicated to the falcon god Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris. The ancient Egyptians believed that the Edfu temple witnessed the famous battle between Horus and his uncle Seth. Edfu Temple has a striking mix of ancient Egyptian and Greek architecture that will leave you with a gleam in your eyes.

Construction Phases of Edfu Temple

The temple was constructed in three phases:

The first phase included the construction of the main building, with its interesting rooms, hall of columns, and sanctuary. During the Ptolemy VII’s reign, the ancient workers installed the temple’s doors, in addition to several other objects.

The second phase includes the addition of the magnificent decorations and inscriptions to the temple’s walls.

The third phase includes the addition of the columns hall, the front hall, and gates during the Ptolemy IX’s reign.

Tour in Edfu Temple

Let’s start our tour in Edfu Temple!

The Mamisi, the chapel, amazing pillared-hall, and court are the highlights of this temple. Also, the inner sanctuary, the holy part, surrounded by nine mighty pillars, is worth exploring. The temple is packed with magnificent inscriptions and decorations, depicting the divine birth of Horus, battle, and religious scenes. Also, you will view the 37-meter pylon, the tallest one in Egypt, as well as numerous hawk-shaped statues. You can never miss the Birth House, where the election and coronation festivals take place. Aside from the Birth House, you will be stunned by the Festival Hall and Hypostyle Hall. Another notable element of the temple, the Nilometer was used by the ancient Egyptians to measure the Nile’s water level.

Here are some significant architectural elements:

The pylon: The pylon consists of two towers, with rectangular niches and two large statues of god Horus.

The Great Gate: As you walk through the main gate, you can’t help but be mesmerized by the mighty gate, inlaid with gold and silver. You can also view the winged sun disk, representing god Horus.

The large courtyard: Wander across the large courtyard and snap a photo of the 32 massive columns. Can you even resist?!

Hall of Great Columns: While you are at the large courtyard, pass through a door to access the hall of great columns. You will view the 18 columns, featuring the pillars of the façade. Also, don’t forget to pass by the room of consecration, located inside the large hall.

Hall of the small columns: Visit the small hall and you will view the marvelous 12 columns. Stand in awe as you pass across the columns and view the striking inscriptions.

The first waiting room: Enter the altar room, where the ancient Egyptians used to present their offerings to the gods. Why don’t you join the ancient Egyptians in presenting their offerings to please Horus?!

The second waiting room: Known as the complex of gods, this area was a sacred place to worship the gods.

The Holy of the Holies: Here, you are at the holiest part of Edfu Temple! No one was allowed inside this room except for the Pharaoh and grand priest.

Live the Fairy Tale at Edfu Temple

Relive the ancient Egyptian kingdom and discover its hidden treasures through a wonderful tour in Edfu Temple! Are you excited?!

Complement this high dose of history with the Edfu Sound and Light Show and watch as the place come back to life with wonderful lightings. Spend a magical night and go back in time as you hear the legendary stories of Horus and Set. Are you ready?!