Isis and Osiris Legend

Ancient Egypt has built a powerful civilization with no equal, leaving numerous prominent monuments and landmarks. Thanks to our powerful Pharaohs, Egypt has always been connected with images of memorable monuments, with a rich heritage like no other. Full of legends and puzzles, our history has mystified the world for years. Among all the ancient myths, have you ever heard of Isis and Osiris legend? – If you’re curious, scroll down to know more!

Isis and Osiris Legend

Geb, the Sky God and the earth goddess had four children; Isis, Osiris, Set, and Nephthys. Being the oldest, Osiris married Isis and became the king of Egypt while Set married Nephthys. In fact, Osiris was a good king, treated his people with respect, and developed the villages and cities. During his reign, the Egyptians learned how to farm, so, they loved and praised him highly, stirring his brother’s jealousy. That’s how Set started to plan the great king’s murder!

One night, Set tiptoed into Osiris’ bedroom carefully and took his body’s measurements. Then, he ordered the carpenter to craft a magnificent gold coffin with the required size. Afterward, Set threw an outstanding party, inviting Osiris as the guest of honor. They spend the night singing, dancing, and playing games. Finally, Set explained the last game and brought out the huge coffin, announcing that whoever fits inside can keep it. Everyone started to climb into the gold box, but no one could fit except for Osiris of course. Set, along with his friends, quickly closed the lid, shut it down, and carried the coffin to the river, where they dumped it.

Knowing about the intrigue, Isis, the loyal wife, rushed to the riverbank to search for her husband. All she wanted was to perform the right rituals to escort his soul to the afterlife. After finding the corpse, she hid in the river grass. Unfortunately, Set found the hidden body, cut it into fourteen pieces, and scattered them all around Egypt.

Along with Nephthys, Isis returned to the same place but couldn’t find the body. So, she transformed into a bird and flew over Egypt to spot the pieces. With the help of Nephthys, Thoth, and Anibus, they put the parts together and sew them, creating a mummy. On the full moon, Isis succeeded to bring Osiris back to life using her magic. Although he was happy to come back, he stated that he needed to pass to the dead’s land to become the King of the Afterlife.

After a while, Isis gave birth to their son, Horus, and fled to the Nile Delta away from Set. She raised him and defended him against snakes and scorpions until he grew up. Finally, Horus confronted Set and declared his right to claim the throne as he was the legitimate heir. Consequently, they fought fiercely, ending in Horus’s victory. During the fight, Horus was injured and had his eye poked out. Surprisingly, his eye magically got back and the “Eye of Horus” has become a symbol of healing since then.

The gods performed a court to judge and decide who should take the throne. However, they were skeptical regarding this decision. So, they wrote a letter to Osiris, seeking his advice. Osiris Settled the controversy by stating that Horus is the rightful king because Set claimed the throne through an act of murder. And, that’s how Horus claimed his birthright as the king of Egypt and Set disappeared forever.

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