Sound and Light Shows, Pharaonic Egypt's Lighthouse

The Pharaonic civilization is one of the most prominent and enlightening signs in human history, as it connects us with distinct historical stories that belong to real heroes who were and still embody important roles and a hidden force that pushes the world to want to know more deeply about their personalities and their effective roles that formed the civilization of a nation. Which increased the enthusiasm of many peoples of the world towards entering the gates of ancient Egypt, its heritage and its charming arts.

Therefore, the sound and light show focused on the most important and most important models and Pharaonic historical stories that will take you as a viewer or recipient on a tour to a world of secrets and interesting tales, and the journey of the sound and light shows begins from the presentation of the pyramids and getting to know the great kings of Egypt (King Khufu- King Khafre- King Menkaure) And then the performances will be completed in Luxor Governorate and its immortal monuments, starting from Karnak Temple, and Abu Simbel Temple, all the way to the Philae Temple and the secrets it contains that we will discover together. The sound and light shows have been wonderfully developed by the responsible authorities in terms of providing the latest capabilities and scientific methods for displaying scenes, lighting, and accompanying sounds that express historical scenes accurately and professionally.

In addition to providing the best methods of prevention, sterilization, and maintaining distance for public safety, the possibility of electronic reservation of tickets and setting prices was also provided through the website of the sound and light shows. If you are looking for some fun and excitement with the company of the ancient Egyptians, or you want to discover the secrets and reasons for naming the temples and pyramids by those names, then we must take you on a trip to the distinctive sound and light shows. Finally, if you are still wondering about the strangest tales of the ancient Egyptians and the most famous stories and tales told by monuments, temples, and pyramids, then book a seat on the ship of dreams with the latest sound and light shows.