The Egyptian Boat to the afterlife; Solar Boat of King Cheops

Interested in ancient beliefs? – You will definitely love this one! During ancient times, the Egyptians used to bury a solar barge near the Pharaohs’ tombs to help their transportation in the afterlife. So, do you want to sail to the sun during your visit to the Great Pyramids? Follow King Cheops during his journey to the afterlife and accompany him to meet the sun god, Ra. Are you ready to take the Egyptian boat to the afterlife?!

Solar Boat of King Cheops: preparing for his afterlife

If you’ve ever fantasized about living during the ancient Egyptian era, we can help you catch a glimpse. Join us at the prominent Pyramids and Solar Museum and you’ll automatically step into a portal through time and history!

In 1954, a cleaning process of the Great Pyramids led to an unintended discovery that dazzled the world. Under the supervision of Kamal el Malakh, the archaeological excavations discovered the oldest intact vessel in the world. At first, they discovered a large limestone wall by mistake. So, they started to dig underneath until they found 42 rocks that led to the hole housing the solar boat pieces. It is believed that the original boat was constructed out of 12 hundred pieces of cedarwood. Can you imagine that this imposing boat dates back to the 4th Dynasty?!

Khufu Ship museum

Khufu Ship museum has a unique structure that allows its visitors to view the mighty boat from three different levels. If you stand on the ground floor, you will be able to see the bottom of the boat. Do you know the purpose of the solar ship? The solar barge of Khufu was constructed as a part of some ritualistic purposes. It was the funerary barge that transported the king’s corpse from Memphis to his resting place in Giza. Another theory stated that this boat was used by King Cheops as a pilgrimage ship to the holy sites. In all cases, research has revealed that the boat has been in contact with water.

Where is the Khufu boat museum located?

Khufu Boat Museum is located at the famous Giza Complex near the entrance of the three Great Pyramids. Just 30 minutes from downtown Cairo, you will be transferred into a different era, witnessing ancient Egypt with all its glory. The significant museum was constructed around 1985 to preserve and display the reconstructed boat of King Cheops.

What does the museum contain?

  • The re-constructed boat of King Cheops with all its might and glory
  • A glamorous maquette of Cheops Solar Ship
  • A series of photos and diagrams that show the iconic discovery of the ship, along with the reassembling process

The fees of Khufu ship museum

You can visit the Khufu ship museum easily and get close to the extraordinary ancient ship at little fees. For Egyptians, the entrance fees are 10 LE and 5 LE for students. As for tourists, the entrance fees are 100 LE and 50 LE for students. Why don’t you pay it a visit?!

Will you accompany Khufu on his journey?

Egypt is a stunning land packed with magnificent temples, tombs, and ruins, each telling a unique story from the ancient era. These historical monuments are standing evidence of brilliant architecture, innovative minds, and advanced shipbuilding. Aside from the famous gems, the Khufu Ship Museum is a place that you can’t just miss. Rebuilding story, take a look at the magnificent ship, and discover its well-kept secrets. Want to hear more about the history of ancient Egypt, along with King Cheops and his enigmatic ship? Don’t miss the enchanting Sound and Light Show at the Great Pyramids and get stunned as the puzzles unravel in front of your eyes.