Pyramids Sound & Light show

Step through a portal to ancient times, with the memorable Pyramids Sound and Light Show. The Sound Light show pyramids will take you on a journey thousands of years back, bringing the Egyptian legacy back to life! Thousands of years have passed since the pharaohs walked on earth, leaving behind a mystery on how the great pyramids were built. And, we can't just skip the enigmatic sphinx, standing prominently as a guard to protect the Great Pyramids.

With the Sound Light Show at the Giza pyramids, the pharaonic history is being re-told by the sphinx, unraveling the ancient secrets and mysterious tales. The Sound and Light show at the pyramids narrates the history of those great kings; Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. Choose between 10 different languages and get ready to hear this legacy! You can view the Sound and Light show schedule and check the pyramid timing and book Giza pyramids tickets online.
* The second show is held with a minimum of 5 foreign individuals or 5 Arabic Tickets except for Thursday( it is a full show )
* The shows booked through our websites have priority and care and are held without a limit to ensure our professionalism and integrity with our customers.

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